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YoYoFactory NightStar LED | Buy this cool Yo-Yo for beginners here

YoYoFactory NightStar LED


Give the night some light with the your new YoYoFactory NightStar LED.

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    YoYoFactory NightStar LED

    If you are here because you are looking for your first Yo-Yo to learn how to play like a true pro and you want something a bit special, do not leave this page. YoYoFactory has created this for you, the NightStar LED, so you can get attention from anyone in a 30 meter radius.

    Don’t worry the whole attention thing is only because it has a LED system that will shine every time you start spinning the Yo-Yo. Just so you know, if you want people to wonder what it is glowing in your hands, the NightStar is perfect for you.

    This is not YoYoFactory’s first LED Yo-Yo, and I hope it is not the last, but it is clearly inspired by the Hubstack Afterglow that is more designed for beginner players as it is made of plastic and is a bit lighter.

    I was already asking you at first if this was your first YoYo, but I will repeat myself as much as necessary. Learning to play YoYo is easy if there are YoYos like this one and plus the YoYoFactory NightStar LED will get a party cookin’ in no time!

    You will not have to worry about anything because this Yo-Yo will come up with just a tug. I mean there is some effort as you will try to keep it spinning as long as possible before you bring it back to your hand.

    The LEDs that are on this NightStar are long duration, so you will not have to be constantly changing the batteries so it shines like the first day. This Yo-Yo only has an LED system on one side of the YoYo. With a star screw driver you will be able to easily access the battery of the YoYo.
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