2SickYoYos Pawn


With only a quick glance, you’ll know that the Pawn hides a beast under its plastic skin.

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    2SickYoYos Pawn

    You want me to tell you how go from being an average player to a professional? It's simple, you just need to be able to tell with one look whether or not the Yo-Yo that you’re looking at is good or bad. Your mind does everything for you, it’s able to feel the Yo-Yo in your hands without you even having touched it. So friend, if you felt an uncontrollable desire to see the 2SickYoYos Pawn, congratulations, you're one of us.

    2SickYoYos has made their first plastic Super-YoYo and the result is this wonder. Now 2SickYoYos has arguments to succeed with their Yo-Yos worldwide. First they left us speechless with the great Blitz, but its new brother Pawn is even more fun and perfect for everyday use.

    In addition to the great banner of stars and stripes, there are several symbols that one quickly identifies with the "American Way of Life", like the mythical bottle of Coca-Cola, fast food, drive-ins, and of course, 2SickYoYos. The brand new commitment Joey Serrano extraordinary quality / price ratio in designing and manufacturing all Yo-Yos in the USA, with the end result being a set of 0 vibrations and 0 strange noises.

    Let’s move the playing field. This innocent little Pawn keeps a lot of anger inside and with only a throw reaches tremendous spin times for a plastic Yo-Yo. It is also very convenient. The Pawn follows the aesthetic line of its big brother the Blitz, with very rounded edges and good weight ratios. It is noted that there is a good engineering study behind this Yo-Yo.

    The Pawn is a large and also light Yo-Yo, so it allows you to play very fluidly and with a very controlled style of play. The Pawn moves very well on the string. But what I like most is its plastic feel. It gives such assurance that you’re free to innovate in your play, and I love that!

    This is just like everything else. If you want to spend your money well, and in return want a useful Yo.Yo, you should think about this 2Sickyoyos Pawn. Surely it will thank you with a long life full of combos, slack tricks and everything else you could ask.
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    Shape: Butterfly
    Material: Machined Polycarbonate Plastic
    Weight: 64.2 grams
    Diameter: 56.87 mm
    Width: 43.47 mm
    Gap: 4.25 mm
    Bearing: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)in. Center Trac
    Gap Type: Fixed
    System Response: Slim Pad. Size 19mm OD


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