Ask me for 3 aspects of the ILYY Mary and I will tell you the following : precision, aesthetic, and smoothness. Although it is true I could give you a long list of synonyms too.

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    ILYY Mary

    What else can you expect from a Yo-Yo with a female name? I'm sure you are thinking about a lot of other things. The ILYY Mary is quite possibly the most classic Yo-Yo you will find on this site. If you have are a collector at heart or you like the classics, my friend we have found the perfect Yo-Yo for you.

    There are many details that make this Mary a very special Yo-Yo. Among them is its design. The boys at ILYY have spent many hours in front of the computer designing a very unique and different Yo-Yo for you to enjoy like never before.

    The Mary has a nice silhouette in the most ‘Old School’ fashion. As you know this means an O-Shape, with weight at the center and slightly narrow, but that is not all.

    If there is one reason this Yo-Yo jumps out at you it is because if its ‘Candodize’ finish. It is a bright red similar to lipstick that is achieved through a very unique process. The ‘Candodize’ finish is very resistant and long-lasting so you will not have to worry about agents hurting it's pretty little face.

    In play, the ILYY Mary moves sensually and smoothly along the string. Obviously it is not a competition Yo-Yo, but it is a YoYo to enjoy and to do the best tricks and combos you can do. The Mary is not easy to play with, like all women you must seduce it and she will teach you a new way to play with your Yo-Yo.

    In case you were doubting it, the Mary comes dressed with the best gowns. In case you don't know what I'm talking about I just mean it has a Motorsil D response system and a KMK bearing so you can get a very different experience from this Yo-Yo.

    Now you know, if you are a true gentleman, you have a date awaiting you with Mary.
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    Shape: O-Shape.
    Material: Aluminium Candodize.
    Weight: 69.00 gr.
    Diameter: 52.05 mm
    Width: 38.15 mm
    Gap: 4,20 mm
    Bearing: KMK 6x13x5 mm
    Gap Type: Fixed.
    System Response: Motorsil D Red Silicone.


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