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This is definitely a favorite amongst players! I hope it is yours too because after all the W-profile is one of the most complete and good-feel profiles on the market. Just like some of the other profiles are good for a specific type of play, this W-profile is actually perfect for all of them. In other words, let’s cut the fluff, it is an all-in-one Yo-Yo.

The W-profiled design helps distribute the weight perfectly to give you a very comfortable, fast, stable, and controlled play. That is why most players lean towards this option. They can get a fast play for competition yet also a stable and precise play for trick innovation and creativity.

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  • 59,99 €
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    Like creativity? Perhaps this Yo-Yo will interests you.

    59,99 €
  • 112,00 €

    Making a decision to switch Yo-Yos is not an easy task. Lucky for you though...

    112,00 €
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  • 49,90 €
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    The King of FingerSpin is back and looks brand new. The Yo-Yo that sparked a whole revolution in plastic Yo-Yos a year ago has just gotten a new mod. This is the new Metal Skyva.

    49,90 €
  • 84,00 €
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    They say the first always gets the most love, but each generation gets better and better.

    84,00 €
  • 205,00 €
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    Perfection with bi-metal design.

    205,00 €
  • 47,99 € 59,99 € -20%

    Did you think it was a Bi-Metal? I am sorry but it is not… Its rings are also made of aluminum, my friend, but the Eager is perhaps the most Premium Yo-Yo from YoYofficer.

    47,99 € 59,99 € -20%
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