Bi-Metal Yo-Yos 

Bi-Metal Yo-Yos

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It looks like you are really liking all of this and the basics are just not enough. Don’t worry, you are not alone. YoYo manufacturers have worked hard to make Bi-Metal Yo-Yos for the most demanding players like you.

Are you wondering what a Bi-Metal is? Like the name says, these throws use a combination of two different metals and those two metals are always Aluminium and Stainless Steel. The Stainless Steel is heavier than the Aluminium, that’s why it is placed on the extremes of the YoYo, two big rings on each face of the YoYo. This way, the weight is concentrated on the edges which gives the YoYo an extremely stable feel. This makes Bi-Metal Yo-Yos perfect for a fast and controlled play.

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  • 216,00 €

    Their flagship Yo-Yo, the Anglam, just got a remodel! This is the Anglam 2!

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    If you thought you had seen everything with the TiRROX, then give a few minutes to appreciate the new iYoYo TiSSOX, a bi-metal made of Titanium with Stainless Steel rings.

    398,00 €
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