One Drop Terrarian



The latest wonder from One Drop YoYos comes to stay.

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    One Drop Terrarian

    Throw a yo-yo from One Drop is an unique experience, and if it is a yo-yo created from a video game, causing a strange sense of mastery.

    Before the new One Drop Terrarian, it is inevitable to hold its breath to the quality of first category finished, splash colors reflect the player's personality.


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    Malzeme:Aluminum. Finish: Pyramatte ™
    Ağırlık:66.9 grams
    Çapı:55 mm
    En:46.7 mm
    Gap:4.32 mm
    Rulman:Large (C) stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
    Gap Tipi:Fixed
    Response Sistemi:One Drop Flow Groove

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