BBYY The Bully

Big Brother Yo-Yos firmasından The Bully' nin yeni ve ikinci sürümü.

Bu yoyo iler düzey kullanıcılar içindir ve yoyoyu geri toplamak için bind hareketlerinin bilinmesi gerekir.

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69,00 €

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    The first thing I thought when I saw this yo-yo was that a more appropriate name could not have been conceived for this thing. At the same time it is one of the most impressive yo-yos I have ever seen.



    Those last two words are key when describing the Bully. While this thing is pushing 68 grams it does not feel like it. The weight distribution makes it feel quite nimble on the string. There is not a major thunk when it hits the end of the string.



    It uses a large Size C (.250x .500x .187 in) bearing and a flowable silicone response system for long sleepers and a large enough gap to do many of todays complicated string tricks.


    I would recommend this yo-yo to any advanced thrower.

    Profil:Butterfly / Wing.
    Ağırlık:67.90 gr.
    Çapı:53.35 mm.
    En:41.50 mm.
    Gap:4.50 mm.
    Rulman:Size C .025x .050x .187 in.
    Gap Tipi:Fixed.
    Response Sistemi:Flowable silicone / Pads.

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