Hspin Good&Evil

The Good&Evil from Swiss manufacturer HSpin is a yoyo known for its great shape and looks.

This yoyo is the fourth in Good&Evil series and is by far the best version HSpin has produced.

This is not a beginner's yoyo, binding is required.


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76,00 €

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    From the pictures you can see this yoyo has a large gap and a nice rounded shape. The overall weight distribution gives it a strong and solid feel during play.

    The anodization is also incredibly well done with and is smooth and finished looking. The Laser engraving is tastefully minimized and elegantly precise elevating the aesthetics even further.

    They are aluminum, yes, but they feel different.

    This yoyo comes complete is a clear box including red silicone response pads, the axle, and the bearing 5x11x5 mm.

    This is a Limited Edition and comes in two colors: the Black Lily and the Silver Lily.

    Each is individually numbered.

    Profil:Butterfly / Wing.
    Ağırlık:65.40 gr.
    Çapı:58.75 mm.
    En:41.60 mm.
    Gap:5.03 mm.
    Rulman:5x11x5 mm.
    Gap Tipi:Fixed.
    Response Sistemi:Red silicone Pads.

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