YYF Loop 360

YoYoFactory wants everyone to have a chance to experience the world of looping with their new Loop 360.


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    Looping style yo-yo tricks are, without a doubt, some of the most impressive to watch.

    The tough part is finding a yo-yo that is consistent, easy to learn on, easy to maintain, and inexpensive enough to not bust your budget.

    This year, YoYoFactory is answering the call with the Loop 360.

    The shape of the Loop 360 is comfortable and non-offensive, there are no tiny parts to lose, and they work like a charm straight out of the box.

    Simply put, the Loop360 is the absolute best yo-yo for those interested in perfecting their looping skills.


    Profil:Classic / Imperial
    30.Ağırlık:50.50 grams
    40.Çapı:57.43 mm
    50.En:25.50 mm
    60.Gap:1.7 mm
    70.Rulman:Size A. Small Bearing
    80.Gap Tipi:Fixed
    90.Response Sistemi:Small CBC Pads

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