Build your own One Drop DANG!

You can choose the colour for each half!

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    The OneDrop DANG is the signature series of their team member Paul Dang.

    The DANG takes influence from some of One Drop's best models, from the orginal Project and Code1 but with normal size and more rim weight.

    It features the new Ultra light OneDrop Side Effects, and simple laser engraving featuring the Dang logo. As with most One Drop yo-yos it features the incredible One Drop 10 ball bearing, which guarantees great performance and lastly Flow Groove pads offer supreme response.

    Finally, the One Drop DANG features a gorgeous anodized Pyramatte finish in different matte colours and do remember that you can choose a different colour for each half of the yo-yo if you like.

    Ağırlık:63.20 gr.
    Çapı:55.23 mm.
    En:41.19 mm.
    Gap:4.35 mm.
    Rulman:Large (C) stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
    Gap Tipi:Fixed.
    Response Sistemi:One Drop Flow Groove Pads.

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