SPYY Supra

SPYY presents the Supra. As part of the Pro series comes a yo-yo with an extreme form, known for uncompromising play and being slightly undersized.

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    The Supra is SPYY’s answer to the player who’s looking for a wide, yet smaller competition throw. It features the same massive catch zone and ultra-low walled gap as the Pro, which has proven itself to be a top performer.

    The Supra has excellent rim weight for its size and is an uncompromising approach to all out play. Comes complete with a dry stainless steel Type C size bearing to provide perfectly unresponsive play and comes with silicone pads offering great response but easily accepts flowable silicone like all SPYY yo-yos.
    In conclusion the Supra is an all around superb throw. Glides through tricks with ease and with a very wide and open profile, gives great stability, agility and makes complicated tricks a breeze.





    Profil:Butterfly / Wing.
    Ağırlık:67.50 gr.
    Çapı:51.00 mm.
    En:41.00 mm.
    Gap:4.50 mm.
    Rulman:Size C, dry for unresponsive play.
    Gap Tipi:Fixed.
    Response Sistemi:Recessed pads - CBC Standard Pads - accepts flowable silicone.

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