Ceramic KonKave. Size A

Dif-e-Yo "Ceramic" KonKave.

Size A. 5x10x4 mm. For Duncan. 

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    This is very useful when looking for an upgrade for many of the metal yo-yos being released. Usually, you will only need the bearing, and nothing else when upgrading to Dif-E-Yo's Ceramic KonKave bearing.

    The first Dif-e-Yo's had Grooved bearings to center the string.

    As the gap in yoyos became wider for more advanced play, a better "playing" bearing was needed because the grooved bearing trapped the string in the center while additional string layers moved to the sides of the yoyo slowing it down.

    The Ceramic KonKave bearing is designed for Smoother multi-layer string tricks with Longer Spin times.

    Not only does it help keep the string centered... it also forces additional string layers to the center and away from the sides of the yoyo.


    Whether you are a Beginner or Advanced player...

    With a Dif-e-Yo KonKave bearing you will experience a Smoother and more Predictable playing yoyo.




    The Ceramic KonKave does not offer any response and a Bind
    will be needed to make the yoyo return.

    The Ceramic KonKave should be used with the tiniest drop of light oil.
    If you Heavily Lube the Ceramic Stainless KonKave for response
    it will perform the same as a Heavily Lubed steel Stainless KonKave!

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