ILYY Liopleurodon

This yo-yo is the latest design from I Love YoYo and is so magical that it can only be described as "something special".

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    With MAGIC created by the German manufacturer I love YoYo, we are proud to present their latest concoction: the LIOPLEURODON.


    If you know animal history well you may know that a LIOPLEURODON is the name of a marine reptile which swam the depths of the European oceans during the late Jurassic period. You may also know that now there is a small children's series made famous on YouTube called "Charlie the Unicorn". This is where the unicorns make a journey to discover the paradise Candy Mountain and along the way they meet a LIOPLEURODON. This magical tale can be seen here.


    This yo-yo is truly enchanted, with a full-size design, which most experts will agree fits snuggly in your hand, the smooth curves and distinct lines gives this magical item fairy-like wings which provide game play equally smooth and magical. You will understand the magic once you play with one because not only will the mystical shape seduce you, the weight of the yo-yo is also optimally distributed for agile and captivating playability.


    The secret lies in the KMK ILYY stainless steel metric bearing which measures 6x13x5 mm. With a gap of 4.15 mm. and response provided by the notorious red hot sILYYcone endless spin times and tight binds are inevitable. The finish of this yo-yo has a very special and unique color, namely a CandyBlasted anodized finish in 2 special colors which combine in such a mysterious way on the high quality aluminum it almost looks like Candy Mountain itself. The purple and titanium halves complement each other adding to the overall uniqueness and super trendy metallic finish.


    This very rare and special yo-yo has the wonderful ability to adapt to many different play styles regardless what level you are at. Distinguish yourself from the rest by picking yourself up this magical item which will undoubtedly be told as a tale of legend in the years to come.




    Do NOT miss your chance to own this beauty.


    Let yourself witness the magic by watching Frank "Rage" Orben's delightful video revealing the smooth and exceptional play of the LIOPLEURODON



    Profil:Butterfly / Wing.
    Ağırlık:68.00 gr.
    Çapı:54.85 mm.
    En:41.50 mm.
    Gap:4.17 mm.
    Rulman:ILYY KMK Large 6×13 x 5 mm.
    Gap Tipi:Fixed.
    Response Sistemi:Red siLIYYcone.

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