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  • Joyride

    Joyride by RecessIntermediate - Advanced throw. 6061 Machined aluminum,...

    46,00 €
  • Knit Cap
    Knit Cap

    19,00 €
  • WeekEnd

    108,00 €
  • The YYF ONE Kit
    The YYF ONE Kit

    The YYF ONE Kit:1 YoYoFactory ONE+ Bearing Size C+ Single yo-yo...

    16,98 €
  • 100 Counts Kitty String. FAT.
    100 Counts Kitty String. FAT.

    PACK with 100 yoyo strings of the brand KITTY STRING, Type FAT. 100%...

    17,99 €
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  • 11,90 €

    YoYoFactory presents the WhiP. A cool plastic yo-yo suitable for the most advanced 1A tricks. NOTE: This yo-yo requires a bind to return to the hand.

    11,90 €
  • 33,00 €

    Aluminium yo-yo.   This high grade, all aluminum yo-yo has nice blasted colors.

    33,00 €
  • 74,00 €

    The HATRICK, is the third General-Yo yo-yo. Fast, Agile, and very Beautiful. Stands out for great Stability whilst playing. Restock of the Hatrick. Now available in red-blue,...

    74,00 €
  • 14,99 €

    The evolution of 2A yo-yo play has taken a leap forward with this new design from YoYoFactory, the Loop 900. Now available as part of the limited Neon Collection!

    14,99 €
  • 11,00 €

    Imagine a yoyo that returns automatically! The Yomega Brain Yo-Yo is so smart that when you throw it down it will sleep and then remember to come back.  

    11,00 €
  • 99,00 €

    Unbeatable perfection! The margin of improvement for the highest quality yo-yos is very small but with the new Oxygène Oxy 5 the bar has certainly been raised.

    99,00 €
  • 19,00 €

    Tom Kuhn creates the classic Imperial yo-yo but made from wood. This very elegant and vintage design makes this yo-yo very fun and easy to play. You can also inverse the halves which...

    19,00 €
  • 89,00 €

    SUPERSTAR, the most awesome Yoyofactory yo-yo, now with a deluxe finish. Everything about this yoyo is super: gap, diameter and weight distribution.   It’s not a casual name, and when...

    89,00 €
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