Kevlar yoyo string. 10 pack. Daha Büyük Görüntüle

Glow Kevlar yoyo string. 10 pack.

Glow in the dark Kevlar Strings!

The toughest strings ever, now glow in the dark!


Each pack contains 10 glow in the dark Kevlar strings.

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    These very exclusive Kevlar yo-yo strings are made by Jeromy Kasner for General-Yo. These high quality strings are very special and recommended to be used with the most expensive yo-yos.

    These strings are very unique as they are made of 50% Kevlar fibre and 50% polyester. Kevlar is five times stronger than steel and very flexible and comfortable making it very durable and ideal for a top quality yo-yo string. It is also used for bulletproof clothing so should you want to have a virtually indestructible and top quality yo-yo strings then these are for you.

    This version features a cool bi-colour look which also makes the strings glow in the dark!


    Available only in packs of 10 strings.

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