ILoveYoYo E1NS 09

The new E1NS shines with the gorgeous Candodize coating.

Lighter and now even more resistant to dings and scratches.

Orange and Black.


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    The E1NS was the first production yo-yo from the boys at ILoveYoYo. With perfect balance and amazing playability the EINS quickly became an unprecedented success.

    Now back with the name E1NS'09 Limited Edition, there are many enhancements:

    - New Candodize finish. A beautiful Orange and Black anodized shiny aluminum body made from the finest quality Aluminum (6082 AlMgSi1). 

    - A perfect final weight with the weight being distributed as far on the outer rims as possible, resulting in unbelievable rotations and balance.

      It also comes complete with the usual stainless steel ILYY KMK metric bearing which measures 6x13x5 mm. The response is offered by the Red sILYYcone (red flowable silicone) and a Gap of 4.22 mm.

      All these features provide for a fast and fluid game. But not only does this yo-yo give the feeling of being fast, but the perfectly balanced weight distribution and vibration free design, allow for extreme smoothness and exceptional playability.

      форма:Butterfly / Wing.
      Материал :6082 AlMgSi1 Aluminium Candodize.
      Вес:66.50 gr.
      Диаметр:50.00 mm.
      Ширина:41.70 mm.
      Гэп:4.22 mm.
      Подшипника:KMK 6x13x5 mm.
      Тип гэпа:Fixed.
      Тормозная система:Red sILYYcone.

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