Center Trac Bearing (Large) Увеличить

YoYoFactory Center Trac Bearing (Large)


This is the new ball bearing as comes standard with the new YoYoFactory in size or type C.
Now available as replacement for any yo-yo that uses the size or type C yoyo bearing.


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    YoYoFactory Center Trac Bearing (Large)

    The new Center Trac Bearing from YoYoFactory is now available; this is the LARGE size one.
    This yoyo bearing will really improve your play!  

    The Center Trac has a concave outer surface so that the string is focused towards the centre of the bearing. This result's in a much smoother and longer spinning yo-yo because the string does not rub against the side walls of the yo-yo slowing it down.

    With this bearing you will be able to compile yoyo tricks which are very complicated and long.

    This bearing fits any yo-yo that uses the bearing size or type C, Large Size C, measures 0.250 x 0.500 x 0.178 inches.

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