SPYY Addiction II

SPYY is pleased to introduce the Addiction II.

Available in new hot colourways!

Limited Edition.


84,00 €

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При покупке этого товара вы можете получить до 8 бонусных баллов. Сумма вашей покупки составит 8 баллов которые можно обменять на купон в 1,60 €.


    The most notable revisions include a stainless steel C sized bearing (dry), a wider gap, 4 mm, and deep recessed grooves for silicone response.

    The new Addiction II comes loaded with CBC Slim Pads, but readily accepts flowable silicone. The weight, diameter and width remain unchanged, but the profile has been refined to maintain the yo-yos width while increasing the gap to 4mm.

    Now available in new hot colourways. With a fantastic semi-matt bead blasted finish and an amazing skull graphic and SPYY logo laser engraved, the gorgeous looking finish gives it all that a yoyoer with an addiction will need.

    The Addiction II includes features geared specifically towards cutting-edge 1A play.

    Extreme rim mass for long spin times, moderate weight and a giant profile ensure fast transitions and positive string hits.

    Caution: The Addiction is extremely Addictive!!

    50.Ширина:43.50 mm.
    30.Вес:65.00 gr.
    40.Диаметр:54.00 mm.
    10.форма:Butterfly / Wing.
    20.Материал :Aluminium.
    60.Гэп:4.03 mm.
    70.Подшипника:Size C .025x .050x .187 in.
    80.Тип гэпа:Fixed.
    90.Тормозная система:Flowable silicone / CBC Slim Pads

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