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  • Joyride

    Joyride by RecessIntermediate - Advanced throw. 6061 Machined aluminum,...

    46,00 €
  • Knit Cap
    Knit Cap

    19,00 €
  • WeekEnd

    108,00 €
  • The YYF ONE Kit
    The YYF ONE Kit

    The YYF ONE Kit:1 YoYoFactory ONE+ Bearing Size C+ Single yo-yo...

    16,98 €
  • 100 Counts Kitty String. FAT.
    100 Counts Kitty String. FAT.

    PACK with 100 yoyo strings of the brand KITTY STRING, Type FAT. 100%...

    17,99 €

Yo-Yo string GString

GString Товаров: 6.

  • 12,10 €

    CC means Cotton Core. This format is the 50/50 (cotton/polyester) string by g-string, but perhaps best known as either Type 6 or 8 string. Safari twist color. Each unit of purchase is a...

    12,10 €
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  • 6,10 €

    SC means Soft Core and was created in response to the online yoyo communities feedback on CC (Cotton Core). Players wanted a faster break-in time and smooth tring while not sacrificing...

    6,10 €
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  • 6,10 €

    For players who enjoy the SSE (suicide-slack edition) format, with its tension and playability, this variant has been created slightly thinner. Color Tang O-Rang. Every unit of purchase...

    6,10 €
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  • 9,20 €

    This format is the favorite of many players, perhaps because of its thickness, without being too thick it offers the perfect response. Also visually very appealing.  The New Black Color...

    9,20 €
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  • 6,10 €

    SSE means Slack/Suicide Edition. A uniform tension has been realized in the whole length of the string.Lemon-Aid and Lime-Aid colour.Every unit of purchase is a package with 10 strings.

    6,10 €
  • 6,10 €

    It is designed for the players who prefer great tension in the string while simultaneously enjoying the aesthetics that G-String offers.GRRREEN colour.Every unit of purchase is a package...

    6,10 €
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