Duncan Metal Zero

The latest version of the Duncan Freehand is the Metal Zero which is a metal model which features a high-speed ball bearing axle for long spin times.


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    The FreeHand MetalZero is machined from aircraft aluminum for perfect balance.The custom brushed finish is aerodynamically optimized for less wind resistance and a smoother feel. This model includes 3 counterweights. The butterfly shape features a high performance bearing of 5x10x4 mm. Size A.


    This new version has Duncan Friction Stickers, one threaded rod, also sticker cavity so the stickers are flush against the sidewalls of the yo-yo, with two sets of spacers, and a larger area for thumb grinds, and 3 counterweights


    This is one of the best value-for-money high performance yo-yos. Duncan's metal yo-yo technology has been beautifully executed in this model.

    50.Ширина:37.38 mm.
    30.Вес:65.90 gr.
    40.Диаметр:58.28 mm
    10.форма:Butterfly / Wing.
    20.Материал :Aluminium.
    60.Гэп:3.45 mm.
    70.Подшипника:Size A. 5x10x4 mm.
    80.Тип гэпа:Adjustable with spacers.
    90.Тормозная система:Duncan Friction Sticker.

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