HSpin Pyro Light Yoyo

Suitable for faster effortless stringplay.

It was again feedback from players worldwide collected over two years that lead to this yo-yo.

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    It was one of the first yo-yos to feature amazing laser engraving and beautiful anodization. Over time the style of play changed and to keep up with the times Swiss manufacturer HSpin updated the Pyro.

    The Pyro light is a precisely machined yo-yo with everything people loved in the first one -amazing flame engraving and superior anodization-. With this model they slightly decreased the width as well as the weight giving it a smoother and more welcoming feel.

    With a wide string gap and GHOST pad response the Pyro is as smooth as you would expect it to be.

    Each is individually numbered with a sharp laser engraving on one half and the pyro logo on the other.


    Vorm:Butterfly / Wing.
    Gewicht:62.40 gr.
    Diameter:54.96 mm.
    Breedte:39.93 mm.
    Gap:3.00 mm.
    Kogellager:5x11x5 mm.
    Gap type:Fixed.
    Response Systeem:Ghost Pads (Born Crucial)

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