Duncan Throw Monkey

The Throw Monkey is a ball bearing yo-yo designed for string tricks and counterweight play.

The Throw Monkey is the ultimate counterweight style yo-yo.

A great beginners counterweight yo-yo.

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    This butterfly yo-yo with overmolded rubber rims provide greater durability, perfect grip and an increased rim weight when compared to yo-yos like the Freehand. It is designed for string tricks, and Freehand tricks. 

    With a ball bearing axle for long spin times, Friction Stickers for smooth play and perfect response.

    Also comes with a superball counterweight.

    Vorm:Butterfly / Wing.
    Gewicht:69.20 gr.
    Diameter:62.95 mm.
    Breedte:41.50 mm.
    Gap:2.72 mm.
    Kogellager:Size A. 5x10x4 mm.
    Gap type:Adjustable with spacers.
    Response Systeem:Duncan Friction Sticker.

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