The Pro is SPYY’s newest flagship throw.
It features a massive catch zone and an ultra-low wall combined with extreme rim weighting to meet the needs of today’s competitive players.

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    SPYY Pro

    SPYY are very proud to introduce their latest throw which is designed for the most competitive players. With a most suitable name the Pro will be a Yo-Yo with cutting edge performance for a long time to come. 

    This new Yo-Yo has been designed and manufactured to meet the needs and demands of the most experienced and advanced players. It features a very wide gap and an ultra low-walled design. The SPYY Pro does not have any spikes but is massively rim-weighted achieving exceptional stability and playability.

    The SPYY Pro comes complete with a dry large size or type C bearing and recessed pads, but easily accepts flowable silicone should you wish to customize the response.

    All in all a fantastic high-end Yo-Yo which will help to develop skills and achieve tricks you once thought impossible. Just watch SPYY team member Zannix Wong show of his superb skills using the SPYY Pro.

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    Vorm:Butterfly / Wing.
    Gewicht:67.80 gr.
    Diameter:53.85 mm.
    Breedte:44.10 mm.
    Gap:4.53 mm.
    Kogellager:Dry Size C. 0.250 x 0.500 x 0.187 in.
    Gap type:Fixed.
    Response Systeem:Recessed Pads – accepts silicone

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