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    The Y-Factor is the newest release from One Drop yo-yos and it incorporates all the successes of previous designs. With an undersized shape designed for competitive play at an affordable price this yo-yo is top notch. 


    It is very agile and stable due to the new profile and concentric grooves engraved in the aluminum on the inner surface of each face provide a very special feeling during play. 


    Comes with the outstanding One Drop 10ball bearing measuring 0.250 x 0.500 x 0.187 inches and silicone flow groove pads offer the response. 


    Each yo-yo has been anodized using the new Pyramatte finish by One Drop which is very soft and excellent for grinding.

    Vorm:Butterfly / Wing.
    Gewicht:67.10 gr.
    Diameter:50.16 mm.
    Breedte:41.30 mm.
    Gap:4.63 mm.
    Kogellager:Size C. .250x .500x .187 in. 10Ball Bearing.
    Gap type:Fixed.
    Response Systeem:Flow Groove Pads.

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