YoYoFactory Severe Delrin


YoYoFactory Champions Collection. YoYoFactory Severe Delrin Tyler Severance.

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    YoYoFactory Severe Delrin

    YoYoFactory's first Machined delrin Yo-Yo, The YoYoFactory Severe is 2012 US National Champion Tyler Severance's newest Signature model.

    Take design inspiration from his very popular YoYoFactory Supernova, the Severe is a precision machined plastic yo-yo with great weight distribution.

    A unique metal axle system insures smooth, reliable play and the body is finished with a soft, smooth feel that's great in the hand, and on the string.

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    Gewicht:66.00 gr.
    Diameter:56.00 mm.
    Breedte:44.00 mm.
    Gap:4.80 mm.
    Kogellager:Size C. Center Trac.
    Gap type:Fixed.
    Response Systeem:CBC Slim Pad Size 19 mm.

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