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  • 13,99 €

    Adegle YoYos presents the new Asteroid.A cool plastic yo-yo for the most advanced 1A tricks.NOTE: This yo-yo requires a bind to return to the hand.

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  • 17,99 €

    C3 first looping contest ready yoyo "Inititator".

    17,99 €
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  • 25,00 €

    Tom Kuhn creates the classic Imperial yo-yo but made from wood. This very elegant and vintage design makes this yo-yo very fun and easy to play. You can also inverse the halves which make...

    25,00 €
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  • 18,99 €

    This Hornet YoYo is the latest and greatest in the Duncan line designed for advanced looping tricks and competition play This popular toy features perfect rim weight ratio for looping...

    18,99 €
  • 10,00 €

    Duncan presents a new yoyo, the Butterfly XT, perfect for a beginner-intermediate yo-yo player.

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  • 4,99 €

    The Butterfly Yo-Yo is one of the original yo-yo's and one of the best known. Built in the '50s when string games were just becoming popular. A true classic.

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  • 15,00 €

    The Perfect Way to Start 5A! The Pinnacle is an all-new plastic yo-yo for counterweight play and comes with a dice counterweight to get you started fast.

    15,00 €
  • 16,00 €

    Volledig nieuw! - De Gamma Brain Wing is de beste beginners jojo om je skillz te verbeteren die op de markt is.Zie hier de Brain's nieuwe evolutie: De Yomega Gamma Brain Wing!!!!

    16,00 €
  • 16,00 €

    The Throw Monkey is a ball bearing yo-yo designed for string tricks and counterweight play. The Throw Monkey is the ultimate counterweight style yo-yo.A great beginners counterweight...

    16,00 €
  • 22,00 €

    De HOT SHOT laat zien hoe geweldig Yomega zichzelf aan het verbeteren is. Het preproductie proces is vlekkeloos verlopen.Wijd profiel, goede roestvrij staal kogel lager, en jawel, dat...

    22,00 €
  • 29,00 €

    The Tom Kuhn RD1 is one of the most advanced and best-made wooden yo-yos available.It is a ball bearing yo-yo with a butterfly shape and is made from laminated wood.

    29,00 €
  • 29,00 €

    "Good things come in small packages"This yo-yo is ideal to carry in your pocket and play anytime, anywhere.

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