ILoveYoYo presents their latest design, a very stable player with a beautiful gold CandyBlast finish.

Please note there are also B-grades available with small anodization flaws but the same great play. 

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    With a very unique design, unlike anything ILYY has surprised us with this yo-yo really looks gorgeous with both convex and concave forms which enable a perfect weight distribution.


    The Lynx plays very stable and with purpose which makes tough tricks a breeze to execute. This yo-yo comes with the very durable and great looking CandyBlast finish, an amazing metallic satin finish in a bright gold colour. The usual excellent 6x13x5mm KMK metric bearing is present and the very long lasting Red sILYYcone response system.


    Made in Germany.


    Please take note of the B-grade yo-yos which are available at a slightly lower price. Here is a note about the small anodization defects on these B-grade yo-yos.


    There are very small patches which display a small white drop, due to chemical processes which occurred after anodization. This does not effect play in anyway and they are completely identical to the normal version except the small anodization blemish.

    Vorm:Butterfly / Wing.
    Gewicht:66.75 gr.
    Diameter:55.00 mm.
    Breedte:44.00 mm.
    Gap:4.10 mm.
    Kogellager:ILYY KMK 5x11x5 mm.
    Gap type:Fixed.
    Response Systeem:Hot Red SILYYcone

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