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SPYY Flying V

SPYY is very proud to officially announce that Ed Haponik has joined their team!

Ed has continually demonstrated sincere commitment and dedication to the sport of yoyoing and we’re honored to have him on board.

This is a very Limited Edition run.


79,99 €

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Ed’s quirky, but lovable videos and radical fixed axle play have earned him much respect in our community.

The team SPYY looks forward to working with Ed and are ecstatic that he’s graciously accepted the invitation.

Ed has already been busy representing SPYY and showing off his new slimline signature series yoyo.


The Flying V was designed with traditional dimensions that made yoyoing the sport it is today, but includes current design elements for the modern player.

The V comes stock with a wide gap for unresponsive play, but can be easily turned into a tug responsive yoyo for old shool trix. Simply change out the C sized bearing with the ultra slim bearing, double up the O-Stickers (both included in the box) for instant tug response and easy regenerations!



Check out Ed showing his Flying V in this video:




    Profil: Butterfly / Wing.
    Malzeme: Aluminium.
    Ağırlık: 64,50 gr.
    Çapı: 55,74 mm.
    En: 34.30 mm. / 32.70 mm.
    Gap: 4,20 mm. / 2,40 mm.
    Rulman: .250x.500x.187 Size C or Slim C.
    Gap Tipi: Adjustable (change bearings)
    Response Sistemi: Silicone Stickers.


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