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General-Yo ENTHEOS

The newest General-Yo release the Entheos, a super stable throw which is also available in the extremely limited Badass versions.


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With a new profile, which has predominantly a straight lined profile offers great stability and play. The final product is truly awesome, with flat edges, angular profile and comfortable to hold shape, this will become a favourite of many players, with supremely smooth play.


The Entheos comes with a General-Yo AIGR bearing size C and the usual Thick Hat pads offer superb response. All in all a great throw which will provide hours and hours of fun.


Not to mention the range of breathtaking finishes, for example the number of bicolour finishes and limited edition badass versions in a range of colours. Don’t delay and pick up this masterpiece today!

    Profil: Butterfly.
    Malzeme: Aluminium.
    Ağırlık: 67.00 gr.
    Çapı: 50.30 mm.
    En: 41.35 mm.
    Gap: 4.24 mm.
    Rulman: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187) General-Yo AIGR Bearing
    Gap Tipi: Fixed.
    Response Sistemi: General-Yo Thick Hat Pads.


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