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YYF 888 X "Present Box" Edition

The most popular yo-yo, the 888 is back! 

Valuable new pack 888 "Present Box" Edition including an YoYo holder, two strings, a spare bearing and spare axle, and a Play YoYoFactory DVD.


Not for beginners, and requires a bind to return the yo-yo back to your hand.


88,00 €


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This is the 2010 version of the popular YYF 888. Since appearing on the market in 2007, the 888 has been manufactured and released with many different versions and at least as many limited editions.

This new release is called the 888x, and this is the limited edition "Present Box".

This release has maintained the exceptional play one has come to expect from the 888 and refined it slightly. This yo-yo has an outstanding anodized finish, a fantastic metallic shine and laser engraved logos. Also comes complete with Hubstacks, a Large or Type C bearing and YYF
Standard Silicone K-Pads.

Here is what YoYoFactory had to say about their newest 888:

"The next step in the evolution of the 888 is more of a combination of all of the previous versions of the 888. We listened to what people liked about the previous 888's, what people didn't like, and we combined everything to make the 2010 888x. Then, we went to our factory in China and spent a LOT of time training them how to make the 888 and make it dead smooth. The result? The smoothest and most solid 888 we have ever made at the cheapest price we have ever sold it at. We have tested 100+ of the 888x's and not a single one had a single issue. They are all perfectly anodized, perfectly clean, and 100% smooth. Best 888 to date, hands down."



    Profil: Butterfly / Wing.
    Malzeme: Aluminium.
    Ağırlık: 68.40 gr.
    Çapı: 50.39 mm.
    En: 39.99 mm.
    Gap: 5.00 mm.
    Rulman: Size C .025x .050x .187 in.
    Gap Tipi: Fixed.
    Response Sistemi: Standard K-Pads YoYoFactory.


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