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Undeniable - YoYoFactory DVD

Undeniable - YoYoFactory DVD

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Want to see the official YoYoFactory team showing off their skills?


Approximate DVD length: 45 min.


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The YoYoFactory official team consists of many great champions that together have won more titles at national and international championships than any other group of players this year.

Here is what YoYoFactory had to say about this fantastic DVD release:

"It took a lot of traveling, a lot of filming, a lot of editing, a lot of hype, and it is finally here. This 45 minute ensemble showcases some of the top yo-yoers in the world using the best yo-yos in the world and performing at a top level all around the world. Sections of the DVD come from Prague, China, Hong Kong, China, and all around the USA. The video is fun and impressive and very easy to watch over and over again."

The DVD includes tricks performed by some of the greatest players such as:

  • Kentaro Kimura
  • Yuuki Spencer
  • Vashek Kroutil
  • Miguel Correa
  • John Ando
  • Jason Lee
  • Augie Fash
  • David Ung


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