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Clear Hayabusa by Duncan

Developed for the Japanese Duncan team, to completely fulfill their potential with an incredible design.

Hayabusa means Falcon in Japanese and in this case it really makes sense because the yo-yo literally "flies".

This Hayabusa is CLEAR


24,00 €

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A large diameter yo-yo which is most appropriate for the Style 4A (OffString) play-style, made from plastic with a Duncan butterfly profile and semi-transparent body. Also uniquely it has soft but firm rubber rims, hence precisely the term SL (Soft Landing) in the title. You can really rest assured when the yo-yo flies off the string that it will still be in one piece when u pick it up.

With a ball bearing axle and Duncan friction stickers as response system, it is really a smooth playing yo-yo.

It comes with a free string, replacement bearing, spare response stickers and spacers to enable different gap settings.

If you want to advance your offstring game, you must try the Duncan Hayabusa CLEAR.

 It has a extra string, spacers and stixkers textured and thin.


    Profil: Butterfly / Wing.
    Malzeme: Plastik.
    Ağırlık: 72.50 gr.
    Çapı: 65.76 mm.
    En: 46.62 mm.
    Gap: 2.60 mm.
    Rulman: Size A. 5x10x4 mm.
    Gap Tipi: Fixed.
    Response Sistemi: Duncan Friction Sticker.


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