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SPYY Spyder II

The new SPYY Spyder II - Undersized fun!!



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From SPYY:

"This yoyo is a new and modernized version of the popular Spyder, which was originally release at the 2009 World Yo-Yo Contest, with two subsequent releases thereafter. We decided to reintroduce this undersized yoyo after many requests from customers.

The new version maintains the classic and wide profile shape, but includes many improvements to suit today's style of play, plus one extra and unique feature... a dual thumb grind lip!

Now players can hone their grinding skills with this yoyo's round profile and fun dual lip!"

The Spyder II comes in three colours:
- Black with Silver Splash.
- Half Blue and Half Silver with alternating Splash.
- Acid Wash Purple and Black.

    форма: Butterfly / Wing.
    Материал : Aluminium.
    Вес: 65.00 gr.
    Диаметр: 49.50 mm.
    Ширина: 42.40 mm.
    Гэп: 4.25 mm.
    Подшипника: Stainless Steel, large "C", dry
    Тип гэпа: Fixed.
    Тормозная система: CBC Slim Pads (accepts flowable silicone)


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