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X³ La Goutte

X3 once again deliver a masterpiece, this time called La Goutte.


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This fantastic new yo-yo is designed for competition play and fast, smooth play. La Goutte is available in a whole range of cool colours, just check the pictures and has a frog laser engraved on the side of each rim.


The La Goutte comes with a size C bearing and X3 Silicone Pads offering snappy response. If you are after a high-end yo-yo to perform close to impossible tricks then the La Goutte from X3 is a great choice!


    форма: Butterfly / Wing.
    Материал : Aluminium.
    Вес: 63.50 gr.
    Диаметр: 54.00 mm.
    Ширина: 43.00 mm.
    Гэп: 4.25 mm.
    Подшипника: Size C .025x .050x .187 in
    Тип гэпа: Fixed.
    Тормозная система: X³ Silicone Pads.


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