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YoYoFactory Velocity v.3.0

The YoYoFactory Velocity, one of the best yo-yos for beginners, in fact for any player.

It has adjustable response system, which can be adapted to any level of play!

The velocity now comes with silicone pads!


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The Velocity 3.0 comes with all the classic features that have made the Velocity one of the best plastic yo-yos for all skill levels.

It retains the plastic body and H-profile, with a small bearing size or type A, which measures 5x10x4 mm. Also the infamous Speed Dial which allows the player to adjust the level of responsiveness is of course included.

The main change is that instead of an adjustable response system with a starbust response system, version 3.0 has the same adjustable response system only with silicone pads offering the response.

With the Speed Dial, which is at the center of the yo-yo on each face, you can easily adjust the responsive of the yo-yo with a few simple clicks. Can be set with a very small gap for easy returns or set wider, making a bind necessary to return the yo-yo to your hand.



    форма: H.
    Материал : Plastic.
    Вес: 58.30 gr.
    Диаметр: 55.78 mm.
    Ширина: 36.80 mm.
    Гэп: 3.82 mm.
    Подшипника: Size A. 5x10x4 mm.
    Тип гэпа: Adjustable.
    Тормозная система: Silicone Pads.


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