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Duncan Mosquito

The Mosquito yoyo packs a lot of performance into a smaller profile, as well as an affordable price.

Many find this yoyo to be great out of the package! 



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It is definitely one of the most inexpensive yoyos with a BALL BEARING.

As a bonus, it uses friction stickers, but also has starbursts underneath of the friction stickers so you can customize your response system! 


The Mosquito is truly a great choice for both beginners and pros on a budget. 



    форма: Butterfly / Wing.
    Материал : Plastic.
    Вес: 46.60 gr.
    Диаметр: 52.98 mm.
    Ширина: 34,33 mm
    Гэп: 4.23 mm.
    Подшипника: 5x10x4 mm. Size A.
    Тип гэпа: Fixed.
    Тормозная система: Duncan Friction Sticker.


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