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Freehand Zero - Opaque


Duncan's premiere string trick and Counterweight yo-yo is the Freehand™ Zero Opaque designed for you to let go and impress others with fancy tricks.



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This yo-yo features a nice round shape that fits well in the hand along with a wide gap and a strong polycarbonate body with striking solid colors.

This yo-yo comes complete with three counterweights. This yo-yo uses friction stickers giving great response when you need it but there is also the ability to make it less responsive by easily removing one sticker.

Defy the laws of conventional yo-yo play with the Freehand™ Zero Opaque from Duncan.

This yoyo is of course designed for 5A style or FreeHand play.



    форма: Butterfly / Wing.
    Материал : Plastic.
    Вес: 64.40 gr.
    Диаметр: 57.15 mm.
    Ширина: 38.10 mm.
    Гэп: 2.85 mm.
    Подшипника: Size A. 5x10x4 mm.
    Тип гэпа: Adjustable with spacers.
    Тормозная система: Duncan Friction Sticker.


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