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YoYoJam SR-71

It is built so rock solid from your first throw you won’t believe it isn’t entirely aluminum!


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Nathan Crissey is one of the most respected judges in the world and has been a huge contributor to the yo-yo community for years. A rocket scientist in real life, he understands the mechanics behind engineering complex tricks and designing a winning routine for any contest. Putting to work Nathan’s incredible knowledge in this realm, YoYoJam introduces an exciting new design under his guidance: the SR-71. 



This yo-yo is aptly named after one of the fastest surveillance aircrafts ever produced. It is built to be sleek and stable with a whole lot more aluminum ring then plastic body providing enough momentum to get through any trick you throw at it. The design allows for very exact weight placement where Nathan wanted it and the outcome is perfect! Nathan was blown away by just how well it came together in every aspect from play to look and feel. This is the yo-yo that will surprise everyone!



The SR-71 features the new Solid Spin axle system for the smoothest and most stable spin possible. It is built so rock solid from your first throw you won’t believe it isn’t entirely aluminum! This yo-yo ships with a narrow bearing installed for responsive play and a Speed Bearing is included in the package for those seeking unresponsive play. The SR-71 is a true winner in every way!



Made in the USA.

    Vorm: Butterfly / Wing.
    Materiaal: Plastic and aluminium.
    Gewicht: 69.20 gr.
    Diameter: 55.90 mm.
    Breedte: 39.75 mm.
    Gap: 3.14 mm.
    Kogellager: Size C. .250x .500x .187 in. YYJ Speed. Large and Slim.
    Gap type: Adjustable.
    Response Systeem: YoYoJam Silicone Pads.


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