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YYF Bearing Removal Tool

YoYoFactory presents a very useful tool, the Bearing Removal Tool.

You can easily extract the bearing from the bearing seat without damaging the surface of the yo-yo or the bearing.

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Modern high-performance metal yo-yos are known for their incredible smooth play, aerospace-like engineering, and an overall sense of performance that boggles the minds of even the most highly skilled yo-yo players.

Modern yo-yo design has also created one of the most common frustrations among yo-yo players: The tight bearing seat. Tight bearing seats allow for a yo-yo to remain smooth after a fair amount of play/abuse, however the tight bearing seat can also make removing the bearing very difficult when it’s time to clean/lube/change the bearing. Pliers and/or vice grips can worsen the problem or even break the bearing.  

Today, YoYoFactory brings the solution to your problems: The Bearing Removal Tool!


This perfectly measured, machined steel rod, gives the user the leverage from inside of the bearing rather than gripping the bearing from the outside (w/pliers, vice grips).

This leverage makes removing even the toughest bearings super easy.


The tool fits for Size C Bearings only and comes on a key chain ring so that it can easily be attached to your keys/belt/anything you want! 



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