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YoYoJam Kickside

An amazing plastic yo-yo for beginners!

The YoYoJam Kickside has excellent weight distribution and long spin times.

This yo-yo is ideal for players starting to learn string tricks.

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With a butterfly profile and a very rounded profile, this is a yo-yo of choice for players starting to learn string tricks.

The Kickside is made of Celcon which is a very tough and high quality plastic, which is ideal for yo-yo play.

Comes with a size or type C stainless steel bearing, measuring 0.250 x 0.500 x 0.187 inches and features the YoYoJam hybrid response system. The hybrid response system consists of one half starburst response and the other a black rubber o-ring. This provides excellent response and especially as the gap of the yo-yo can be slightly adjusted increasing or decreasing response.

All in all this is a fantastic beginners plastic yo-yo which will help you to rapidly develop your 1A playing style as it is more than capable to do very complex tricks.

Made in the USA.

    Vorm: Butterfly.
    Materiaal: Celcon (Plastic).
    Gewicht: 64.90 gr.
    Diameter: 55.60 mm.
    Breedte: 42.00 mm.
    Gap: 3.40 mm.
    Kogellager: Size C .250x .500x .187 in.
    Gap type: Adjustable.
    Response Systeem: Hybrid: Starburst + YYJ O-ring.


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