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HSpin BeySick

Hspin introduces the new Core Series with the Beysick:

- Anodized aluminum.

- Hybrid bearing, size or type D.

- Red silicone stickers offer the response.

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The Beysick is the first yo-yo in the Core Series line by Hspin, bringing you a high quality metal yo-yo at an affordable price. With a meticulous Swiss design and high quality manufacturing in India this yo-yo will certainly not disappoint.

With a very open profile and weight distributed primarily on the rims this yo-yo is very versatile and very stable. It also has very elegant looking spikes in the center of each face which add to the character of this great playing yo-yo.

This aluminium yo-yo has a fantastic anodization and has the Beysick logo on one half and the Edition Limited on the other.


This yo-yo comes with a size D bearing measuring 5x11x5 mm. and cool red silicone stickers as the response system. All in all this is a brilliant player at an unbelievable price!

    Vorm: Butterfly / Wing.
    Materiaal: Aluminium.
    Gewicht: 61,30 gr.
    Diameter: 52.00 mm.
    Breedte: 41.60 mm.
    Gap: 4.08 mm.
    Kogellager: Size D. 5x11x5 mm.
    Gap type: Fixed.
    Response Systeem: Slim stickers.


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