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Duncan Butterfly YoYo

The Butterfly Yo-Yo is one of the original yo-yo's and one of the best known. Built in the '50s when string games were just becoming popular.

A true classic.

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The Duncan Butterfly is another good and inexpensive yo-yo. It has a fixed metal axle and the yo-yo halves are not modular.

The Duncan Butterfly is the original, wide body/flared shape yo-yo and is the best-selling string trick yo-yo of all time!

Designed for beginner yo-yo players learning basic string tricks, Butterfly features a wide string gap and steel axle that makes landing the yo-yo on the string much easier.


It's durable plastic body and bright colors have made Butterfly a favorite toy for kids of all ages for over 60 years!


    Vorm: Butterfly / Wing.
    Materiaal: Plastiek.
    Gewicht: 45,70 gr.
    Diameter: 56,60 mm.
    Breedte: 33,62 mm.
    Gap: 3,20 mm.
    Gap type: Fixed.
    Response Systeem: Starburst.


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