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Crucial Jirorian

With a diameter of a whopping 68 mm., Crucial presents a new oversized yo-yo, the Jirorian, with exclusive Splash finishes.

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Crucial is known for their handmade models with innovative and unusual designs with top level performance. This time the Jirorian is a stand out yo-yo with a large diameter and still a very stable player. The design has excellent weight distribution and there is very a great balance between size and weight.

The two exclusive anodized splash finishes look simply stunning and really makes eyes roll when spinning. The superb performance Crucial Grooved Bearing 2 with a central groove comes with this yo-yo as well as the Crucial O-ring response system which can easily be replaced by flowable silicone. If you are looking for a fantastic oversized yo-yo then the Jirorian is the perfect choice!


    Profilo: Butterfly / Farfalla.
    Materiale: Alluminio.
    Peso: 70.10 gr.
    Diametro: 68.07 mm.
    Larghezza: 42.37 mm.
    Gap: 4.49 mm.
    Cuscinetto: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187) Crucial Grooved Bearing 2.
    Tipo di Gap: Fisso.
    Sistema di Ritorno: Crucial Silicone O-Ring


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