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X3 Steamroller

The long awaited Steamroller from Xcube is finally here!

With an extremely unique design and extremely wide body, this great playing yo-yo truly is something special.

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Xcube's SteamRoller is the first high performance french yoyo. It's uncommon shape allows for a better weight distribution, offering both long spin times and high stability, without harming it's handling while throwing or catching it.

The SteamRoller is the result of a long, hard and passionate work, it's design is without any compromise on quality or performance.

Do not let it's design fool you, the SteamRoller delivers very high performance and already influenced other famous yoyo manufacturers.

Each SteamRoller comes in it's own package, along with two high performance bearings and a very, very long lasting "graou string". They're also individually tested by Alexandre Valin (also known as "Xela") prior shipping.

Made in France


    Profilo: U
    Materiale: Alluminio.
    Peso: 64.50 gr.
    Diametro: 49.15 mm.
    Larghezza: 47.80 mm.
    Gap: 4.40 mm.
    Cuscinetto: Misura D. 5x11x5 mm.
    Tipo di Gap: Fisso.
    Sistema di Ritorno: Red flowable silicone.


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