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TK No-Jive 3 in 1

Tom Kuhn ricrea uno yoyo "Imperial" in legno.

Nell'ambito di questi, No-Jive3 in 1 per eccellenza ha un immagine elegante e allo stesso tempo "vintage", è uno yoyo realmente divertente e facile da giocare.

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The main thing that makes this yo-yo so special is that it is made from wood.

That is not all. Each yo-yo is a unique piece, because they have been hand-carved out of maple wood, ensuring a perfect balance during play. The yo-yo is held together by a threaded axle and two hex nuts with a wooden sleeve around the axle which holds the string in place.

This is a very exclusive yo-yo as it is an old classic remade in style. It has an outstanding finish with clear varnish on the maple wood, which besides offering protection also gives a very silky and smooth feel to this yo-yo. On one half there is also a laser engraved logo which gives this classic yo-yo a beautiful finishing touch.

This yo-yo is also known as a 3 in 1 yo-yo because there are three different ways to connect the halves. You can use it as the classic imperial shape as shown in the pictures, or invert the halves to give a brilliant butterfly shape, or fix the halves together in the "Pagoda" style.

This yo-yo has very few vibrations, is very stable, but most importantly fun and easy to play.

Comes with 5 free white strings, 2 wooden sleeves and a 32 page manual (in English) edited by Tom Kuhn displaying some great beginner tricks.

Watch as Ed Haponik plays with his No-Jive:


    Profilo: Imperial / Classic.
    Materiale: Legno dell'acero.
    Peso: 55.00 gr.
    Diametro: 57.15 mm.
    Larghezza: --
    Gap: 2.77 mm.
    Cuscinetto: Legno.
    Tipo di Gap: Fisso.
    Sistema di Ritorno: --


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