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SPYY is proud to finally release its latest signature series yo-yo, the PURE.
This hand-crafted yo-yo is intended to add a measurable level of sophistication and value to any player's collection, therefore numbers of this release have been limited to only 125 pieces.


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La Tienda Del YoYo is proud to offer you 30 of the 125 yo-yos manufactured.

This yo-yo was constructed and styled for legendary 5A player, Jonathan Robinson,who is known throughout the yo-yo community as JonRob.

The Pure breaks tradition in modern high performance metal yo-yos by incorporating flush-machined side caps for a stunning look and feel. The side caps provide excellent ergonomics for side style play as well as a unique tone while the yo-yo spins. Each yo-yo was meticulously bead blasted, hand finished, anodized then remachined to expose the beauty of raw aluminum. ForJonRob , it’s not only about how well it plays, but also how good it looks! The inner halves are annodized in a deep blue, red, or black with the greatPure logo engraved on one side. Built to Jon Rob's specifications the yo-yo features a smaller bearing for a tighter gap giving the yo-yo strong binds, fast rpms, and making it easy to return to the hand even when it is barely spinning.

This yo-yo is truly a masterpiece in yo-yo creations and you will not want to miss your chance to own one. Watch out for JonRob with his Pure yo-yo and his uncompromising style of play at a contest near you.

You can see The Pure being played by the expert hands of our nice friend Jordi:


Thank you so much Jordy for your clip, and you make it all look so easy!!!

Video from Spanish forum devoted to yo-yo:

    Profil: Butterfly / Wing.
    Matériel: Aluminium.
    Poids: 66.50 gr.
    Diamètre: 52.13 mm.
    Largeur: 39.54 mm.
    Gap: 3.39 mm.
    Roulement: Size D. 5x11x5 mm.
    Type de Gap: Fixe.
    Système de Réponse: Silicone et Dif-E-Pads


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