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Duncan Flying Squirrel

The Duncan Flying Squirrel yo-yo is an undersized FREEHAND yo-yo, shaped like the Duncan Mosquito yo-yo but heavier.

The smaller size makes that this a yo-yo that easily fits in your pocket and can be taken with you anywhere.

This yo-yo may be small and at a good price, but do not let the size of this yo-yo fool you!!

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The Flying Squirrel is the new Freehand yo-yo by Duncan. This undersized yo-yo has internal weights (four of them) that bring this yo-yo up to full sized play. It is very fast and very accurate. With metal weights embedded (that you can access by unscrewing two screws inside of the yo-yo).

It features a take-apart design, Duncan friction sticker response system and a stainless steal bearing.

In the right hands this yo-yo is capable of nearly any string trick you throw at it.

This yo-yo comes with a Flying Squirrel Counterweight, so you can even learn Counterweight style with it as well as being perfect for string tricks.

    Profil: Butterfly / Wing.
    Matériel: Plastique.
    Poids: 66.00 gr.
    Diamètre: 53.03 mm.
    Largeur: 34.05 mm.
    Gap: 4.17 mm.
    Roulement: 5x10x4 mm. Size A.
    Type de Gap: Fixe.
    Système de Réponse: Duncan Friction Sticker.


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