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Duncan Pulse

Duncan Pulse, the coolest yo-yo available with lights.

Duncan Pulse Light Up yo-yo is of an outstanding quality, with a perfect balance and superb finish.


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  Duncan Pulse Light Up Yo-Yo

Duncan is known for its high quality yo-yos and now they present us with the best yo-yo which lights up.


With a classic profile or Imperial shape, ideal for making loops otherwise known as the 2A style. It is also made of a very high quality plastic which is very tough, and with great game play thanks to the bearing. Besides the metal axle, and the Duncan Friction Stickers offering response, it uses a stainless steel bearing size or type A which measures 5x10x4 mm. This feature is quite unique for a yo-yo this affordable.

MULTICOLORED. If there could be one word to describe this yo-yo, the word would be MULTICOLORED. This is because inside the transparent body, is incorporated a new technology of lighting which is very attractive because it continuously and randomly changes color, creating incredible lighting effects whilst playing.

Duncan Pulse in motion:



    Profil: Classic Imperial.
    Matériel: Plastique.
    Poids: 54.90 gr.
    Diamètre: 57.05 mm
    Largeur: 38.14 mm.
    Gap: 3.16 mm.
    Roulement: Size A. 5x10x4 mm.
    Type de Gap: Fixe.
    Système de Réponse: Duncan Friction Sticker.


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