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YoYoFactory SpinStar

If you are on a budget and you are not sure if yo-yoing is your thing yet YoYoFactory has introduced a cheap yo-yo to get you started.

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It won't handle all the string tricks some of the other models do, but it does have a ball bearing and gives long spin times for the beginner level tricks.

Using YoYoFactory's starburst response it is easy to return to your hand with even the slightest tug, making this a good choice for the younger player too.

    Profil: Butterfly / Wing.
    Matériel: Plastique.
    Poids: 61.50 gr.
    Diamètre: 59.46 mm.
    Largeur: 34.95 mm.
    Gap: 2.49 mm.
    Roulement: Size A. 5x10x4 mm.
    Type de Gap: Réglable.
    Système de Réponse: Starburst.


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  • YYJ H3X
  • YYJ H3X
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