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Duncan Tournament Gift Box

This reproduction of the classic wood fixed axle 1956 Duncan Super Tournament yo-yo.

It comes on a reproduction of the original display card, with the addition Duncan 75th anniversary logo.

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A reproduction of this classic Duncan collectible is now available from La Tienda Del YoYo.

This special release includes a special display card that features a reproduction of the artwork from the original 1953 counter display box.

On the reverse side of the display card is a history of the Duncan Jeweled Yo-Yo.
Also included is the 1955 Yo-Yo Trick Book, a reprint of Duncan's classic The Art of Yo-Yo Playing first published in 1947.

As on the original, the front features against the gloss finish, for maximum contrast. Each yo-yo in this special collectible re-issue will have its individual number stamped on the back for easy authentication.

The gold foil logo matches original 1953 design which identifies this collectible re-issue. The four glittering Jewels come from the same Austrian factory that Duncan used in the 1950s.


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